Enomther TheOfficial Nexus1 ExpansionPack v1.0 for Nexus One

Enomther has released his first Nexus One ROM or expansion pack for the Google Nexus One called  “TheOfficial Nexus1 ExpansionPack v1.0“.
This initial release is described as the Stock OS with Root Goodies.

NOTE: This is not a full ROM. You flash this on top of your stock & rooted Nexus1! Full ROM`s won`t be 100% feasbile until the 2.1 AOSP code hits! Things will progress over time.

****** WHAT`s Included *******
– TheOfficial – 2.6.29-msm-nexusone kernel
(Would like to thank Zinx for initial RNDIS port, Ben Buxton for n1 port and Cyanogen for posting the code in git, TY)
— ipv6, iptables, RNDIS support (Wifi/Wired Tether capabilities)
— ext2/3/4, cifs, fuse, afs, etc fs support
— Multi-Touch support in synaptics drivers (however, no MT apps yet)

– updated apn list
– dns settings (resolv.conf)
– terminfo

– su/Superuser.apk (for Root access)
– harry_m`s Wifi Tether and Wired Tether apps included (can remove in settings)

– various misc binaries …
— linked-up busybox
— nano & libncurses (courtesy of Cyanogen)
— dropbear
— flash_image
— extXfs tools
— iptables
— various other (mostly for dev/customizational ops and future implementations)

– various scripts …
— rwsystem/rosystem (to read/write and readonly /system easily)
— recboot (to reboot into recovery easily, as the new bootloader makes it a lil` annoying)
— fix_permissions (to fix uid problems, even though amon_ra`s recovery has it )
— lucid (not 100% useful yet, but it`s there and will get it updated over time)

– NO Apps2SD boot support yet (Mostly as there`s no need *yet and hopefully never* )

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.