KiNgxKxlick Espresso2G1 v1.0 Released

KingKlick has release an update of his ROM based on the HTC Espresso ROM now converted to run on the HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 / T-Mobile MyTouch.  You can find out more info on version 1.0 below:


Version 1.0

– Espresso Rosie no longer FC`s!
– Using Espresso Framework now!
– Completely new look, ALL espresso, FULL port
– New Espresso Lockscreen
– HTC Peep now works! Ignore FC`s if you get them
– Added HTC Albums, working no FC`s!
– Removed Footprints
– Removed Footprints Widget
– Removed Twidroid
– Using some of Eugene`s icons *thanks bro*
– Color scheming from espresso
– Still using CFS with 10MB RAM hack
– Included all espresso widgets
– Removed Dock
– Removed Car Home
– Read OP notes for sync info, full sync though, no need to disable auto sync
– Added PDF Viewer
– Added USB to PC support
– Things I know I am forgetting I will add later

Head over to KingKlick’s AndroidStory Developers Page to download this release, and for more information.