Enomther’s TheOfficial Nexus1 ROM – v1.4 Released

Enomther has released his first full Nexus One ROM for the Google Nexus One phone.  This release is based on the AOSP 2.1 source code and makes a few nice enhancements to the base Nexus One ROM.  The first full ROM release is TheOfficial Nexus1 ROM – v1.4 and I hear that version 1.5 is already in the works.  Version 1.4 is a very stable release with a few bug fixes, some multi-touch goodness and the usual rooted phone extras.  I’ve been running this release for about 24 hours and says its very smooth and stable.  I noticed an immediate speed boost on first boot.
Thoroughly recommended.

– TheOfficial 2.6.29-msm-nexusone kernel
— Stable
— compiled w/gcc-4.4.0
— NetFilter – iptables/tethering support (wired/usb & wireless)
— ext2/3/4, cifs, fuse, aufs
— cram/squash, misc-other-fs support
— ipv6 support
— tun and ipsec support

– De-ODEX`d apk/framework (for theme-ing and other alterations)

– automatic ext2/3/4 filesystem checking and mounting on startup
— Apps2SD supported, but not on by default … use lucid script to setup

– custom startup execution (if /data/local/ exists)

– updated apn-list

– dns/resolv.conf

– included binaries
— linked up busybox
— telnetd
— nano
— dropbear
— flash_image
— extXfs tools
— iptables
— various others

– included apps
— GoogleApps
— Cyanogen`s Multi-Touch Browser/MultiTouchController Framework
— If you want an Auto-Rotating Launcher (still a W.I.P.) … see mine here
— Android IM App (AIM, MSN, Yahoo support)
— CorpCal (Exchange Calender support)
— WifiTether for RootUsers
— WiredTether for RootUsers (for usb tethering)
—— NOTE: When prompted to update these apps, ignore/decline to ensure functionality. I`ll update when I can.
— su/Superuser

– included scripts
— lucid (use this for easier Apps2SD-setup)
— rwsystem/rosystem (to mount readonly/readwrite /system)
— recboot (to reboot into recovery quickly)

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.