25 Apps for College Students

Now that you have an Android, how will you use it to ace those college courses? The following list of twenty-five essential Android apps for college students might provide you with a few clues. From study guides and study tools to a few socializing apps, you have a range of utilities to help you maneuver through classes and around campus. The best part? These apps are free.

The following list is categorized, and each link is listed alphabetically to show that we do not favor one app over another…

Study Guides and Tools

  1. 3banana: apture your thoughts, ideas and notes as well as photos and other information on the go, and your notes will always be with you and in sync. As a bonus scroll down this linked page to take a look at AK Notepad. AK Notepad makes it easy to jot down a thought on your Android phone, and offers a reminder feature that can be set with any note. Both apps offered by Snaptic.
  2. Android SMS Backup: Why lose all your notes, photos and more? Simply use this app to back your SMS card up to your Gmail. Easy as pi.
  3. Astrid: This is a to-do list and task tracking system that is simple and easy to use. You can get a free online backup with Remember the Milk.
  4. ColorDict Universal Dictionary: This app is a compatible universal dictionary for Android. Search words and idioms in many dictionaries at once, and you don’t need an Internet connection to search.
  5. Droid Scan: You’re at the library and you need to use the scanner…why wait in line when you have this app? This app turns your smart mobile device into a portable document scanner by using perspective correction to convert images captured with the built-in camera into high quality scans.

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Source: UndergraduateDegree