32b~G1~MyTouch3G Htc Espresso Port by eugene373

This has been Slimmed down and Heavy worked over for use on a G1 Phone….

Rosie Swipe is Fully working, there is still a few Bugs…. But, It’s Mostly complete…
Rom is Fast and Stable!!! No Death SPL Needed :)

Works For G1 & MyTouch 3G Phone’s
Use 64MB Swap!! Ext 2 / 3 / 4 Is Supported!!

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*Bug List* / *Not Working*
~G1 LED’s don’t work for some Odd Reason?
-Keyboard Light are Not working correctly atm, but will try to fix later :)
~No Camera
~Be sure to Select Easy Dial Pro as Default Phone app Till I can get the Permission fixed
~Sync Does Work, but takes a Few To sync Full…. ( For Fast Results, Reboot Phone after Sync Icon Disappears ). :twisted:
~Bluetooth Does not work, Never Has in any Hero Ports for 32b hardware….
~For Weather to Show in HtcClock, you must manually put your city in..
~No Multi-Touch ( Double tap Zoom Works though ).

*Powered By CM #7 Kernel* Thanks again Cyanogen :)
~Rosie ( New Rosie only Has 5 Home screens )…
~Twitter & Widget
~Contacts & People Widget
~Music & Widget
~Most of all App’s & Widgets Work..
Download Link:

Some screenshots below: