A lil Rogers 911/Sense UI update

We received a little update on the Rogers debacle today. Apparently Rogers really, really wants to make sure their customers are aware that they need to apply the “bug fix” and are calling and texting their customers multiple times daily. There have even been reports that outgoing calls are redirected to Rogers customer care. The following are tweets from RogersMary, a community manager on the Social Media team for Rogers and Fido:

RogersMary @************* @****** Custs are being directed to Care to ensure they’re aware of fix. This in no way impacts ability to call 911 direct.

@******** Not so. Customers are directed to Care to ensure they are aware of the bug fix. It doesn’t impact ability to call 911 direct.

I can understand the calling and texting (to a point) but redirecting calls is a bit much, even if it doesn’t block 911. There are other types of emergency calls too, Rogers. Chill.

If our Rogers readers are experiencing any of this, please let us know. Leave a comment. 😉