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  • 5 March, 2010

Adobe is team Android

Today Adobe announced the release of their updated Photoshop.com mobile app as well as releasing the code to enable developers to utilize Photoshop within their own applications. This is an positive development no doubt, but it’s not jaw dropping news. You may want to sit down now if you’re not already. They go on to say this:

Unlike iPhone, the Android platform allows us to make the Photoshop.com editor broadly available to developers so they can provide it within any application they are working on,” said Doug Mack, a general manager at Adobe. “Photoshop functionality can then easily be accessed from an online auction, real estate, or social media application so users can quickly fix photos and make them look their best, before being showcased.

Along with the introduction of AIR and other developer tools for almost all other platforms is indication that Adobe will not support iPhone.

Altogether this makes for a highly interesting development. If you want to check out the Photoshop app in action, break out your phones and scan the code. The full code for Photoshop integration can be found at the link below.

[Source Androinica, Adobe]