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  • 14 November, 2009

Amon-RA HTC Dream Recovery Image v1.3 Official Release

Amon-RA HTC Dream Recovery Image v1.3 Official Release.

Change-log :

  • Created a new sub-menu structure
  • Added Nandroid restore selection
  • Added BART backup/restore option
  • Added Interactive partitioning
  • Added a toggle USB_MS option instead of 2 separate options
  • Added a wipe Dalvik-cache on ext and data option
  • Added a wipe cache only option
  • Added a wipe battery stats option
  • Added an upgrade ext3 to ext4 option
  • Changed keyboard shortcuts for submenu’s
  • Added new Scripts :
    • fs and wipe (replacing all removed scripts)
    • ums_toggle
  • Updated Scripts :
    • fix_permissions v2.03
    • bart v1.0.1
    • latest BKMOD utility
  • Removed Scripts :
    • sdtools.sh, ums_enable, ums_disable, upgrade_fs, wipe_ext, fix_rotate, deldalv

 Head over to Amon-RA’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.