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  • 5 December, 2009

Amon_RA HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 Recovery image v1.5

Amon-RA has released an update to his recovery images for the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic taking the recovery image to version 1.5


– Fixed the issue where Nandroid would freeze when returning to recovery from console by using the “recovery” command.
– Fixed Nandroid/BART backup issues.
– Updated Nandroid to v2.2.1 (ext support!).
– Added a “Nand + ext backup” menu-item.
– Removed the “Nandroid restore no recovery” menu-item, and set it as default for Nandroid.
– Nandroid and BART menu items will not backup or restore the recovery partition by default.
– Removed the mdt6 patch from the kernel, so no more splash1+2 backup/restore support.
– Updated init.rc to only load /sbin in PATH.
– Removed the loading cramfs and sqf filesystems from fstab.
– Added an unmount script that is called at the start of most scripts.
– Updated the BKMO-utility script to it doesn’t backup/restore the recovery partition + changed the return to recovery command.

Head over to Amon-RA’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.