Android 2.0 update on it’s way for T-Mobile G1

The rumors are startung to circulate again about the Android 2.0 update for the T-Mobile G1. We reported, before the holidays, that one of our sources has received an early copy of the Android 2.0 OTA update for the T-Mobile G1. We had no physical way of confirming this but the information came from a trusted source.

It now appears that more information is coming out, this time from an Internal T-Mobile Forum.  A Moderator stated that Android 2.0 for the G1 is rumored to make its way to G1 handsets by the end of January.

Again, we no way of confirming this rumor but it sure is looking good for the first Android mobile device ever released.  It’s still amazing that the device is getting all the latest and greatest and shows the support and energy HTC and T-Mobile are putting into supporting their older devices.

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