Android 2.1 for HTC Hero now due in April?

Android 2.1 update

We’ve heard a lot about the HTC Hero getting an  Android 2.1 update soon, but when? First, we heard it 2 months ago that the Android 2.1(Eclair) for HTC Hero is a couple of month away, and then during the Mobile World Congress HTC CEO announced that all Hero devices will get Android 2.1 and Latest Sense UI.  Anyone know the exact date? It was expected in March and now we are now half way through the month.

A member of Swedroid received a reply from HTC Sweden with another date!  They state that the Android 2.1 is expected sometime in April but this release is not set in stone.

We know that HTC is considering some new Android device’s, the HTC Legend & Desire, and it appears they are not giving time to Hero.

I hope they will release it soon.

Source: HTC Hero Blog