Android 2.1 running on 4 WinMo powered HTC handsets

What you do guys think about Android OS running on Windows Mobile powered phone? If you think it is impossible then you are wrong. Sim4996, A arch-modder Over at XDA-developers did it. He hacks HTC Kaiser (aka AT&T’s tilt), a Vogue, Niki and Polaris and make these phones run on Android 2.1. That’s really awesome. What you guys think about HD2 ?

Android 2.1 is working well on these devices with some little issues, like the Bluetooth is not working correctly and the camera doesn’t currently work, otherwise the phone’s are working great.

You can make calls , also you can use WiFi and GPS. But keep one thing in mind, if you install Android in your WinMo, then your WinMo is erased forever. So don’t do it if you dont want to leave WinMo behind forever.

[via Hackaday]