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  • 28 November, 2009

Android 2.0 (Eclair) sync work around

So far there hasn’t been a 2.0 rom that has working/fully functional sync, but thanks to some android users, there is now a work around. This work around is pretty simple, and will serve as a temporary fix to get your contacts, gmail, and calendar synced.


posted by ahronzombi (Originally posted by ebg10):

Default Temporary Exchange Work Around for 2.0 Eclair Gmail syncing issues

-After setting up your phone Open the email app (not gmail) Select exchange account.

-For Domain/Username put in “/username@gmail.com”(or “/username@yourdomain.com” or google apps users) without quotes. The password should be filled in from the previous field. The Exchange server is “m.google.com” without quotes. Check both boxes below for ssl and encryption and hit next.

-Select the checking frequency(push will notify you as soon as a new email is delivered) and amount to synchronize (up to a month). then select next.

-Put in an account name and display name, then hit done. If you have corporate calendar installed, then your calendar will synchronize and so will your contacts and email.

Now go to your account sync settings and turn off all syncs for your gmail account, but make sure sync and exchange are turned on so that it updates when new emails or contacts come in.

This is a great temporary fix until on of the devs finally figues out how to get the real gmail sync working

-Thanks to ebg10 via eugene373 for the great idea

Of course we’re hoping that we’ll have the gapps sync back very soon.