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  • 21 February, 2010

Android Pre App Commercials coming!

it would appear that a company called Ivdopia who already specializes in iPhone pre app commercials has come to Android.

“Since iVdopia unveiled its Pre-App advertising videos in March 2009 in the U.S., which included the first offering of sponsorship to the iPhone, the company has consistently broken new ground. With the Android, iVdopia builds on its reputation for responsiveness and innovation by providing the most engaging and effective means of reaching customers on even more mobile devices.”

There advertisements offer 3 buttons Skip AD, Visit iVdopia and learn more. So far the ads they preview are for Coke Zero and Miller Lite but is this catches on the Android platform like it had on the iPhone there should be alot more advertisements. This could mean that more paid apps will go free due to the 10-15 second advertisement at the begging of apps.
Click HERE for a sample of what they offer.

What does this mean for Android more free apps? Tell us whatcha think in the comment section