Archos 7 Android Tablet leaked, sports a Webcam

After the lukewarm reception of the Archos 5, the French might come out with a tablet that has a larger screen and a front-facing webcam for video calls. It will have 8GB of on-board storage, and 7-inch LCD screen with 800 x 480 pixels. That’s 2.2-inches more than the Archos 5, but the same storage and screen resolution.

The have also been working on a software upgrade. Song lyrics support, and compatibility for the APE file format will be included, and ArchosFans, which were eagle-eyed enough to spot the leaked product, are speculating about the missing Archos Media Center widget from the homescreen.

I wonder which size will become the standard for tablets, 5″ imho is too small, I think it will be something in between 7″ and 10″ (the Apple iPad being 9.7″). Anything bigger is just crazy.

Source: Gizmondo