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  • 2 March, 2010

AT&T Android Debacle.

There have been cries of outrage regarding AT&T changing the default search function on their new Android phone. However, I’d like to point out that Google distributes Android as an open source platform that can be modified. Having said this, AT&T has not done anything technically wrong. They have however, done something entirely underhanded.

Google is first and foremost a search company.  Android, although supremely awesome is another conduit for advertisements for Google. It could be argued that AT&T may be indirectly taking small chunks out of Google’s revenue. It would make sense for Google to step in and take care of this particular issue. Yes, Android is open source. That doesn’t mean however that Google can’t protect it’s own interests.

A clear example of this would the notorious issue with the Cyanogen cease and desist letter. Google, in this case, defended it’s proprietary applications. It could therefore be argued that Google search is a proprietary service native to Android that should not be tampered with or bypassed. Having said all of this AT&T is poised to deliver an incomplete android experience. Should Google step in? Absolutely!