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  • 2 March, 2010

AT&T Ditches Google for Yahoo?

AT&T must have gotten a case of the crazies. Reportedly, Google has been removed from the innards  of the OS that Google built. Luckily it has only been done on what has been the iPhone-only carrier, and who seems to not want to cut into iPhone sales by initially offering the Motorola Backflip. Not only will Backflip users be disappointed in the phone’s over design, but they will also gripe that Google has been replaced by Yahoo all over the phone. What are they smoking? We might suggest to all readers to ‘Just say NO’ if AT&T offers you their crack pipe. You may go just as retarted!

Anyways, is there anyone else as shocked by this as we are? Perhaps this is one instance where an open OS can bite you in the rear. This obviously cuts into Google’s business model for having Android in the first place: ad revenue. Yahoo is now getting all those hits. And even though Yahoo currently uses Google to handle their searches, rumors has it that they will be switching to Bing.

To put salt in the soon-to-be-wound called the Backflip, most, if not all, Google apps will be removed in favor of AT&T’s own proprietary software and services.

[DISCLAIMER: personal rant/opinion here]
I never like AT&T dating back to when they were Cingular. And to make it worse, when I tried to give them a second chance, they demanded a $700 deposit from me plus pay full price on the phone (and went next door to T-Mobile you gave me a $300 discount w/o any deposit). This just really puts a bad taste in my mouth. Sorry to Motorola for being the vessel that carries AT&T’s virus into Android.
[END personal opinion]

What’s your thoughts?