AT&T- US best 3G Network?

Do you ever wonder which mobile carrier has the best 3G network in the US? If yes then first thank PC World. They tested all 3G Networks between Dec 2009 to Jan 2010. And now the results are here. AT&T has taken the lead followed by Sprint. T-Mobile is at third and Verizon is  last in average tests. I am little amazed that Verizon is in last position. The speed tests were conducted in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle on both mobile phones and laptop data cards. Have a look on the photo below.

PCWorld Speed Tests

You can see that AT&T really improved a lot in a year. The result of last spring is :

  • AT&T: average download speed 812 Kbps, average upload speed 660 Kbps
  • Sprint: average download speed 808 Kbps, average upload not listed in article
  • T-Mobile: not tested, no significant 3G footprint at time of testing
  • Verizon: average download speed 951 Kbps, average upload speed 426 Kbps

And now AT&T’s average download speed is 1410 kbps. Well done AT&T. Last year Verizon was ahead. But now AT&T has taken the lead.Verizon average download speed is little decreased as compared to the new result . So I think, Verizon, it’s time to come back in action. Here is the new result:

  • AT&T: average download speed 1410 Kbps, average upload speed 773 Kbps
  • Sprint: average download speed 795 Kbps, average upload speed 396 Kbps
  • T-Mobile: average download speed 868 Kbps, average upload speed 311 Kbps
  • Verizon: average download speed 877 Kbps, average upload speed 434 Kbps

How is your experience on your carrier’s 3G network .

[via BGR]