BarakinFlorida and Eugenes New DROID ROM almost set to Make your Xmas

After my initial post about the soon to be released ROM from BarakinFlorida and Eugene373  that was a little miss-guided as my interpretation of what I was seeing was late at night and blurry eyed.  I’m now happy to say that I have a full understanding of what these guys are pulling together.

BarakinFlorida and Eugene373 have been working like robots, or is that Androids, for the last few days creating a new ROM release for the Verizon Motorola DROID.  The ROM is expected to be a stable releases from the get go.  No Beta testing required.

Rumor is that Eugene373 has been sleeping on his keyboard frequently and any donations for a replacement are welcome :).

All joking aside, the new ROM sounds like it’s a release along the lines of the quality and  stability that we use to see from the likes of JesusFreke.  The fully rooted, SU’d and multi-touched ROM is currently being tested but it’s looking extremely close to a release candidate as any release has been.

I can’t divulge any real details yet, but as soon as I’m allowed to shout over the roof tops, I’ll be sure to share.

For now you can head over to the AndroidStory DROID forum, watch the videos, and speculate.