Benbuchacher Super “E” ROM moves up to Eclair – Now released.

Benbuchacher has started down the Eclair route with his new Super “E” ROM version 1.0.  His change log doesn’t say much, but expect great things from this release.

–Reboot option
–Sound Recorder Added
–ext 2
–ext 3
–ext 4
–Genie Widget Added
–bbuchacher kernel
–only 3 screen launcher as of now will upgrade soon
–Internet tethering via settings
–WIFI/BT working
–Overclocked at 528mhz
–10mb Ramhack
–other stuff ill update more tomorow
–I recommend setting animations to none or some in settings for best performance

What it doesn’t have:
–video drivers
–live wallpapers
–gallery 3d

For more information and downloads, head over to benbuchacher’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage