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  • 23 October, 2009

BoyGenius Full Motorola Droid Review



The guys over at BoyGenius have posted a full review of the upcoming Motorola Droid.  The Kick ass phone about to be released on the Verizon network.

Featuring a Huge, high resolution screen, awesome processor and what appears to be a pretty cool over all design, this phone is about to set the standard for Android phones.

The review is based on a pre-release of the software, but I’m pretty sure it still rocks the house.  Android 2.0 in all it’s glory.  It even comes with a docking station so when the phone is docked in it’s horizontal position, it displays Weather, time are displayed on the screen like a bedside clock and it also acts as a media player .  I’m jealous, are you?

Head over to BoyGenius now to read the full review.