You can now get the Moto X for $399.99 Off Contract!

Happy 2014  Moto X from  399.99 without contract. 30  off S11 Wireless Headphones.I was doing the normal trolling of Google+ this morning, and came across an interesting post from Guy Kawasaki. The Moto X is now $399.99 off contract, for everyone! The last time we saw the phone at a price close to this it sold like crazy, and that was during Black Friday. Though this deal is only available in the US (for now?), it’s still a very good deal. There are some devices that launch at $299 on contract, and for an extra $100 (not the $300-400 normally charged), you can get this amazing device off contract.

Motorola says they listened to us, and that’s why the decision was made. See the below quote from their blog.

When we launched Moto X, our goal was to solve real consumer problems and give people refreshing new choices in the sea of smartphone sameness.

We heard from people that they wanted more control in how their phones looked, so we introduced the Moto Maker customization tool and made it available on all major carriers. That enabled our customers to choose from hundreds of color combinations and, for the first time, real bamboo backs. We heard that battery life was a major pain point, so we engineered Moto X to go all day long. And we heard that having the most current software was really important to our owners, so we made sure that Moto X was the first smartphone to upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat.

But we’re not stopping there.

We’ve been hearing a lot recently from people who want a new premium smartphone at a reasonable price without having to wait for a contract upgrade. That came through especially loud and clear during our holiday flash sales.

So from today forward we’re offering Moto X at an everyday starting price of just $399 on any major US carrier, without a contract. This includes customized devices.

Today several wireless carriers offer good month-to-month or prepaid service plans that cost much less than the contract plans that come with subsidized devices. Combine one of those plans with our new $399 everyday pricing and you could save hundreds of dollars over two years while keeping the freedom to change service providers when you feel like it. We can even help you finance your purchase* so you pay monthly for your contract-free Moto X.

Because you should have the freedom to buy a great device when you want, without chaining yourself down.

Happy new year!

Rick Osterloh
Senior Vice President – Product Management

Does this intrigue you? Will you be swinging by the Moto Maker and picking up a shiny new Moto X to play with for the new year? We want to know! Let us know in the comments!

Source: Google+

Via: Motorola