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  • 31 October, 2009

Ccyrowski SenseHERO v1.1.1

Ccyrowski has released another update to the SenseHERO ROM taking it to version 1.1.1

SenseHERO-v1.1.1 “Still moving backwards to go forward.”

Most of the thanks fo to MikeTaylor00 this release. I helped were I could but have been busy putting the final touches on a website for my job. Anyway, I provided help where I could, enjoy!

*New root@DesertLake-Labs
~same as before
*LED’s fully working (i’m pretty sure for MyTouch too, please let me know if not)
*Rebased off of different Sense dump.
*updated user.conf – ask MikeTaylor00 for specifics
*to fix possible forcecloses included automatic fix_permissions call in /system/bin/a2sd to /data/fix_permissions
*Moved some of the system apps (Rosie, browser, etc.) to the system partition so they load faster

Head over to Ccyrowski’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads