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  • 6 November, 2009

Ccyrowski SenseHERO v1.2

Ccyrowski has released another update to the SenseHERO ROM taking it to version 1.2

There is one build but three “nowipe” updates so you can test different kernel configurations and settle on one you like.


SenseHERO-v1.2 – Your Choice
* New root@DesertLake-Labs 
~BFS 300 w/ 10MB kernel hack
~BFS 300 w/o 10MB hack
~BFS 240 w/o 10MB hack
* Flash 9 is working
* Enhanced audio files by MikeTaylor00 (using Meltus’ method)
~Better sound quality than stock 
~Louder without distortion
~Exclusive Headset Boost method
* Updated user.conf
~Increased Compcache Memlimit
~Recommended 96MB swap partition
* All System apps on internal memory 
~ Using @TwistedUmbrell’s apps. They were originally based off of this build and he did the work of optimizing them and giving them a nice theme. He was also kind enough to explain how he did it, so expect Manup’s theme on the next build. 
* Included Missed Call application as a work around for LED issues
* Removed automatic execution of fix_permissions on first boot – run manually if needed


Head over to Ccyrowski’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads