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  • 6 November, 2009

Ccyrowski SenseHERO v1.3

Ccyrowski has released another update to the SenseHERO ROM taking it to version 1.3

SenseHERO-v1.3 – Themed and Unthemed
Themed by Manup456

Optimized and ported by MikeTaylor00

*Based on the 2.73.405.61 SenseHERO dump (Thanks to Drizzy for providing the dump!)
* ************ root@DesertLake-Labs
~There are SEVERAL kernels. The Full ROM (bot themed and unthemed) comes with BFS-300. The rest of the these kernel configs are no-wipe updates.
~BFS-300 w/ 10MB RAM hack for MyTouch
~BFS-300 w/ 10MB RAM hack for Dream
~BFS-304 w/ 10MB RAM hack for Dream only (this is the latest “test3” BFS port. If you flash this you are living dangerously)
~BFS-300 w/o 10MB RAM hack for Dream/MyTouch
~Fixed FC error on Teeter
* Of course, this ROM builds upon all of the advances stretching from jacHEROski until now.

Head over to Ccyrowski’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads