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  • 25 February, 2010

Control Google Voice depending on location

The Android world was abuzz yesterday with a tutorial to have Google

Voice know which phones to ring depending on location. The tutorial had a great premise but was flawed by its set-up and dependence on Locale. Though I’ve loved Locale since its inception and considered it to be a top Android app, it now costs $10 and doesn’t perform as well as it did when still in beta. I found an easy solution for changing Google Voice settings based on location courtesy of AndroidCentral.

Google Voice Locations makes it easy to manage GV activities. Similar to Locale, the app creates profiles based on GPS coordinates. Users can then edit those profiles to trigger actions, so a GV number would ring the home phone when someone is in range of their “Home” profile. It would then ring the office phone when near “Office” or ring the mobile phone during “Elsewhere,” a setting that applies to every location other than the Home or Office setting.

Google Voice Locations allows users to create multiple locations, forward to multiple phones at once, or turn off GV completely by choosing “No action.” There’s no need for server space or any laborious set-up process. Download, add, and edit…now Google Voice automatically forwards to the appropriate phone.

Source: Androinica