CrisisCommons help Haiti and TheDudesAndroid is in the center of it!

Have any of you heard about CrisisCommons?  I hadn’t until I was speaking to Benji Hertel (TheDudesAndroid).  Benji is one of the main founders of the Chicago branch of CrisisCommons which started only recently.  Benji and his crew are in the process of getting established and recuiting new people so why you don’t you all check them out and give them your support.  I know they have already been creating language translation apps for Android and the iPhone and are looking for developers to help out with projects on an ongoing basis.  There are groups in many major cities throughout the US.

For a list of ongoing projects, you can check out:

For simple tasks that anyone can help with, you can check out:

As I find out more about the origanization and how people can help, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Who is CrisisCommons?

CrisisCommons is a grassroots organization that facilitates partnerships and maintains a network of technology volunteers to respond to specific needs in times of crisis. People work on projects based on their skills and interests to create technological tools and resources for responders to use in mitigating disasters and crises around the world.

We are an international network of professionals drawn together by a call to service. We are developers, specialists, communicators, first responders, project managers, and people who just want to help! We focus on neutrality, transparency, and collaboration and believe in the power of one person, and collaboration with others, to make a difference