ctso Intension-v1.2.1 – AOSP 2.1 ROM with Voice Input

ctso over ton XDA has released a new ROM that supports the Voice Input features of Android 2.1’s virtual keyboard.  This ROM has been around for a little while but has only just been added to AndroidStory so here is the complete change log.  I will get this ROM fired and give it a blast soon and let you know how well it works.

Intension – v1.2.1
Fixed root
Fixed SetupWizard (thanks wesgarner)
Fixed orientation in MT3G

Intension – v1.1
Minor bug fixes, no wipe needed if coming from 1.0

Intension – v1.0
Upgraded from AOSP 2.0 to AOSP 2.1.
Includes Live Wallpapers – Most do not work because of driver issues.
Added YouTube.apk
Added cytown`s modified Phone.apk

Intension – Beta5
Fixed bug causing reboots when using applications that require root.

Intension – Beta4.1
Fixed orientation problems on MT3G.

Intension – Beta4
Added Nexus One keyboard w/ voice input (thanks Iman07 for the idea!)
Fixed `fix_permissions` script.
Fixed Apps2SD (If you don`t want Apps2SD for performance reasons, make sure your SD card does not have an ext partition)
67MB Internal storage issue on G1/Dream
Fixed reboot (phone not actually rebooting when you choose `Reboot phone` option).
Increased wifi scan interval, should be nicer on the battery.

Intension – Beta3
Added symlink for `free` command.
Fixed Market paid apps.

Intension – Beta2
Initial Release
10MB RAM Hack – With working Wifi/BT/Camera
Compcache 0.6 enabled by default.

Head over to ctso’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.