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  • 5 October, 2009

Cyanogen is back and his ROM is ready!

Cyanogen is Back !!! and his latest ROM, v4.1.99 is ready for download and install using a completely legal process to flash your phone.

The Android devices we own come with many files that can’t be redistributed legally, and as you all probably know, I can no longer include these with my ROMs. So, in order to get up and running, you’ll need a compatible device with a compatible ROM. Please visit the appropriate site below, read and agree to the license agreement, and download the “1.6 Recovery Image” for your device. You’ll need to flash this before installing my ROM. You only need to do this the first time, upgrades shouldn’t require reflashing. You don’t even need to boot it, just flash it, then flash my ROM. After that you can just use CM Updater. The install process backs up your proprietary files and applications and restores them afterwards.

So you download a base image that belongs to your phone with all the apps inside and then flash the CyanogenMOD over the top.  Sounds simple. Let me know how it goes.

More info and download/installation instructions can be found at


 I’ll bring you more info as I do some more research.