CyanogenMOD Release

Cyanogen has just released an update for CyanogenMOD taking it to version

—- v4.2.12.2
* Fix kernel code that was causing some clicking and noise
* Revert Process.getFreeMemory() to type int – this was causing apps like Task Manager to crash the runtime.

—- v4.2.12.1
* Fixed typo in that could eat your packages.xml file.

—- v4.2.12
* All locales should be displayed properly now (thanks PsychoI3oy)
* Contacts app updated to Wysie’s 2.5
* Kernel update with a few bugfixes from CodeAurora, and switch back to as-iosched
* Updated translations
* Moved Work Email app to /data/app to save space on /system
* Updated scripts

To download or for more information about the release, go to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.