CyanogenMOD Released

Cyanogen has just released an update for the most downloaded ROM available today. The newest build includes some performance tweaks, visual enhancements and few bugs fixes.

—- v4.2.9.1
* Headset audio routing bug fixed

—- v4.2.9
* Random music bug is fixed
* Kernel should be much more stable and less prone to crashes/reboots
* Eclair widget backports
* Eclair graphics layer backport
* Eclair activity manager backport
* Fixed APNs so AGPS always works properly
* Contacts enhancements from Wysie
* Quicktabs for Cyrillic and Hebrew from PsychoI3oy
* Other stuff here and there..

—- v4.2.8.1
* Fix issue with UTF-16 SMS
* Darker launcher tray
* Dialer update with preferences (from ChainsDD)

To download or for more information about the release, go to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.