CyanogenMod 5.0 for Nexus One (EXPERIMENTAL) beta 2 Released

Cyanogen has released his Beta 2 version of CyanogenMod 5.0 for Nexus One (EXPERIMENTAL).

Direct Download Here

Here’s the info from Cyanogens XDA thread:

I’ve spent a bit of time working with the latest AOSP code, and figured out all of the necessary components to build a working system for the Nexus One from source.

I’ve added most of the same things that you can find in the previous CyanogenMod versions.


#include <std_disclaimer.h>
* While this build is heavily optimized, it is also capable of pushing your N1
* much harder. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis. Please do some
* research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

This is a pure, working AOSP build which you can use without any type of Google applications. I found a link from some other project that can be used to restore the Google parts, which I will share. I’ve still included the various hardware-specific code, which seems to be slowly being open-sourced anyway.

* Can be used with or without Google applications
* Latest kernel which supports tethering, vpn, and other modules (cifs, nfs, aufs, fuse)
* Clean shudown/startup system
* NO APPS2SD. I’ve implemented a hack that will store the dalvik-cache of system apps in /cache, which saves you ~40MB on /data
* Built in USB tether
* Minor graphical enhancements and an excellent wallpaper by Prash
* ARM NEON optimizations (mostly to the pixelflinger library) which have not been included in the stock build yet
* Includes BusyBox, htop, nano, powertop, openvpn, and all engineering commandline utilities
* Multitouch browser using native API. More MT integration coming.
* FLAC audio support from Kenny Root
* Phone enhancements from Cytown
* Perform zipalign-on-install of applications
* DeskClock tweaks- longer autosilence and “require unlock” option
* Compcache is available via Spare Parts, but I don’t recommend it
* Massive APN list
* Huge collection of ringtones and audio
* Many other bugfixes and tweaks from AOSP contributors

All source code is available at the CyanogenMod GitHub

First time flashing CM to your Nexus?
1. Do a Nandroid backup!
3. Install the ROM in recovery
4. Optionally install the Google addon

1. Do a Nandroid backup!
2. Install the ROM in recovery (your Google apps will be backed up and restored)

Latest version: 5.0-N1-beta2 – 01/26/2010
[B]MD5Sum:[B] 849ed1829b5baafb2df657fa5820d77d

Google Addon: ERD79

Remember this is a a BETA release, always do a Nandroid backup before updating your system in case something goes wrong!

Come stop by #cyanogenmod on if you want to join in on development!