CyanogenMod for Nexus One v5.0.4 Released

Cyanogen has released another full point update to his CyanogenMod for Nexus One.  Now at version 5.0.4 the new release has lots of cool new features including 360 Degree screen rotation, Multi-Colored track ball lighting and of course it’s been sync’d with the latest source from Google.  Be sure to give this latest a run for it’s money and let us know how it goes in the comments or feedback in the forums.




—- 5.0.4
* Kernel 2.6.33
* Resync with latest code drop from Google
* New lights library from ChainsDD – full color trackball notifications
* 360-degree auto-orientation from Optedoblivion (right/left enabled by default, check option in settings app for 180-degree orientation)
* OpenVPN integration into native VPN settings
* Fixed Dropbear server and SCP
* Added Bash shell
* Random media playback and FLAC issues fixed
* Tweaked the auto-brightness sensor ranges to be smoother
* Customizable MMS notification light/color/vibrate (originally from rgv151@XDA)
* Using RIL from Desire with power-collapse setting
* Enabled some additional iptables options
* Switched to CFQ io scheduler
* Compcache was removed and swap disabled in the kernel. We don’t need this on the N1.
* Soft-key touch area expanded and tweaked by Kmobs and Dwang
* Lots of bugfixes from AOSP

Head over to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.