CyanogenMod Update for HTC/Google Nexus One


On March 19th, Chase Bahers of AndriodSPIN posted CyanogenMod’s latest release 5.0.5 and It seems like Cyanogen did not waste any time updating the 5.0.5 release further. On March 21st he posted his most recent version, which added some minor changes. I currently have it running on my N1 and it looks and runs great like all of Cyanogen’s Nexus work. Below is a quick changelog of this update.



-Added script-security option to fix OpenVPN
-Added Italian locales from Eugeno, nk02, and wsx from
-Patch for CM issue 1182, obtained from Google issue 1597
-Music Appwidget now shows Album Art and Previous button- from Elliot Stocker
-Fix issue with MMS user-agent being set incorrectly

For more information and downloads, head over to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.

Enjoy Folks!