CyanogenMOD v4.2.15 for T-Mobile G1 / T-Mobile MyTouch3G Released

Cyanogen has release an update for his CyanogenMOD for the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream / T-Mobile MyTouch3G taking it to version 4.2.15.

He’s taken some of the new features that he’s been incorporating into his Nexus One ROM and working to keep his older ROMs up to date.  Glad to see that the G1 and MyTouch owner’s are not being left behind with all the recent enhancements.

I’ve been testing Cyanongen’s latest Nexus One ROM recently and the 360 Deg rotation is really nice.


—- v4.2.15
* Many many many bugs fixed, including GTalk and services problems
* New wallpapers and some graphics from Prash
* 360 degree auto-orientation thanks to Optedoblivion
* Updated to latest AOSP code
* Lots of backported Eclair guts
* Fixed Busybox problems
* Improved performance
* OpenVPN integration
* Wifi can be enabled while in airplane mode now

Head over to Cynaogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.