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  • 13 December, 2009

CyanogenMOD v4.2.8 Released

Cyanogen has just released an update for the most downloaded ROM available today. The newest build includes some performance tweaks, visual enhancements and few bugs fixes.

—- v4.2.8
* Updated kernel with many fixes
* Updated Compcache module
* Updated APN list
* Automatic zipalign of applications at install time
* Eclair dialer backport from ChainsDD
* Various bugfixes from CodeAurora
* Updated phone app from Cytown
* Enabled precise GC for Dalvik
* Some ported visual elements from Eclair
* New launcher tray (from Moonspoon)
* Fix for Android bug 2719 


To download 4.2.8 or for more information about the release, go to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.