CyanogenMod v5.0 for Google Nexus One Beta 3

CyaogenMOD v5.0 for Google Nexus One Beta 3 is released and available on AndroidStory.  Users have been testing Cyanogen’s updated ROM for the Google Nexus for a while now and this latest release, according to posts in the XDA forum are saying it’s fast and stable and almost ready for prime time.


—- 5.0-N1-beta3
* Removed some kernel patches that caused instability
* Added Wysie’s Contacts enhancements
* Fixed Superuser freeze
* Fixed installer backup script to not copy odexed apps
* Higher resolution wallpaper from Prash
* Added German locale updates from thiasB
* Added LZO support to BusyBox
* Various minor fixes

Head over to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads