Cyanogen’s CyanogenMOD v4.2.14 Released (He didn’t forget you)

Everyone was starting to think that Cyanogen would forget all about his early roots with the T-Mobile G1 and concentrate all his efforts on the new Google Nexus One, any now he’s here to prove you wrong.  Cyanogen has just released an update for CyanogenMOD taking it to version 4.2.14.


—- v4.2.14
* DeskClock and Music apps from Eclair
* Wysie’s Contacts updated to latest
* Cytown’s Phone updated to latest
* Browser MT fixes, add option to disable onscreen zoom
* New wallpaper from Prash
* Fixed flashlight bug
* Fixed auto-changing wallpapers bug again
* Various other bugfixes

To download 4.2.14 or for more information about the release, go to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.