Desire vs Nexus One – The Two Monsters

htc desire hands on 02 540x373

OK guys lets talk about the Android Monsters, which would include none other than the HTC Desire and the Nexus One. HTC Desire is known as the brother of the Nexus One. There is not a big difference between both devices, the Desire comes with optical trackball unlike Nexus One, and The Desire also has 64 more MB’s of RAM then the Nexus One. The Desire lacks both the active noise cancellation and the triband HSDPA/WCDMA, however these features are available in the Nexus One.

I think that the Desire is simply a Nexus One for UK market.  The desire comes packed with an 8 GB SD Card. They both have same 1,400mAh battery, but the battery life of Desire is better then N1. Like 3G standby for the Desire is up to 360 hours, as compared to up to 250 hours for the Desire and 3G talk-time is up to 420 minutes for the Nexus One but 390 minutes for the Desire, which seems strange.

In the end, both are great smart-phones. It’s  bad news for people who live in USA, that the Desire has no US 3G support. I am also sad about that.

To read the full review and view the videos, head over to SlashGear.

So guys what do you think? which is the best?

Source: SlashGear