Details on the Nexus One Dock…pretty sweet

Oh, how I love gadgets! The only thing I love more (besides my son) is my “Sexy Nexy”. Last week we showed you an advertisement for the new Nexus One Dock caught on YouTube by an Engadget reader. Well,  an AndroidGuys reader had the opportunity to play with one and he reported how the Bluetooth integration works…

…it’s a small dock where the phone sits in it vertically. My friend has a soft case around his Nexus one and it sat in the dock just fine even with the case on. The dock itself has an audio mini-jack allowing speakers to be connected to it, but unlike any of the iPhone docks that only play when you have the phone in the dock, the Nexus One Dock uses Bluetooth to transmit music. You can play music through the speakers or within Bluetooth range. The range was surprisingly good, able to play music with the phone 20+ feet with a wall or two between. He had computer speakers attached, so I’m assuming the audio port is a standard mini-jack.

He wasn’t able to confirm whether the dock does in fact have the rumored AV-output but it still sounds like it’s going to be one sweet little toy with or without it. I’ll take one! 😉

Would you drop $45 for the dock? Leave a comment…

Source: AndroidGuys