Drizzy’s DROID 2.1 for Dream/MT3G v0.1 alpha Released

Our good friend Drizzy has been hard at work converting the DROID Android 2.1 ROM over to the Dream/MT3G and his dedication has paid off.
The DROID ROM still has no hardware drivers yet so no Camera, apart from that the ROM is now available for you to download.  This is the alpha release so there may be issues.

Drizzy’s DROID 2.1 for Dream/MT3G alpha:

What your about to flash:
-Droid dump from Maxisma
-Full Droid Port
-Alpha stage

I didn’t have much testing as I ported this in minutes :) “PLEASE REPORT BUGS ON THREAD”
What Doesnt work:
-SD card
-Framework issues
-Button lights

What Works:

Head over to Drizzy’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads and post your feedback in the Drizzy’s DROID Android 2.1 forum.