droid does…

Smart phones have always had my attention, weather its a BlackBerry, Palm, iPhone or Android. My father on the other hand always said a phone is a phone and a computer is a computer. But a few weeks ago I got him a droid eris, lets just say they have been attached since. I tried to get him interested in a BlackBerry, the iPhone and etc. and he had no interst in them.

After giving his new device a spin, he called me up and says “smart phones aren’t such a bad idea…”. He went on to explain that this phone was nice because its intuitive and easy to use. Other phones were either to complicated for daily routine, or didn’t have the UI he wanted.

In my opinion it’s awesome to see my pops being happy with his new device (he had an LG chocolate before). And also very cool to see that a person who isn’t used to or let alone does not like the idea of a smartphone found the Android OS easy to use.