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  • 16 March, 2010

Droid sells over 1 million units, Nexus One a lot less

According to Apple, the original iPhone reached 1 million units sold in 74 days, thus semi-officially making day 74 the comparative benchmark. How did the Motorola Droid do? Fantastic; the Motorola Droid sold 1.05 million units according to estimates from Flurry Analytics. By comparison, it took six months for the G1 to reach the million sales mark. The figures for the Droid are just sales estimates rather than exact figures, but they are an encouraging sign of Android’s growth.

Nexus One doesn’t hit day 74 until Friday, but things aren’t looking good. 135,000 units sold is what is being estimated at this time, a number most people are calling a surprising flop for the most advanced Android available today. In some respects this isn’t an unfair statement, but to compare Nexus One to Droid marketing is to compare an apple to an orange.

The Droid had a massive, $100 million advertising campaign, during the holiday season. Verizon had subsidized  devices in it’s stores for customers to try, and tapped into its large base of customers thirsting for a powerful smartphone. Nexus One had none of these, and those T-Mobile customers that did want to upgrade their device either had to pay the full unlocked price or take a partial subsidy with a mediocre plan.

Even though day 74 will soon pass, Nexus One could very well make a comeback. With N1 being expanded to other carriers both in North America and abroad, it’s popularity could very well experience a boon.

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