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  • 12 October, 2009

Enomther TheOfficial Donut 2.0.1 Major Release

Enomther has released a major update to his expansions pack for his TheOfficial TMO and ADP Donut series.  This takes the version to 2.0.1.

Changelog v2.0.1 – 10/11/2009 – Back to Basics!!! It’s ALL about options!!!
– added – New TheOfficial 2.6.29 kernel
— built-in unionfs support for you linux lubbers
— reverted to unpatched kernel (3D Games & StockMEM beat General App RAM boost needs )
———– jk, but this is “new” default … but, see below (resources) for the new “option for 10MB hack”
— reverted to 32MB Compcache w/auto backing-store
— default swappiness set the 45 (seams to be a happy medium, decide/set for yourself )
— upgraded compcache to pure-6 w/CONFIG_SWAP_FREE_NOTIFY patch
— backing-store enabled by default if linux-swap partition exists
– added – Automatic SDCard Partition discovery
— now you can run linux-swap/cc-backing-store without an ext partition (w/out apps2sd)
– added – flash_image binary back (was missing from new Donut builds)
– added – IM app’s to AOSP/ADP + ADP builds
– added – Cyanogen’s HTC_IME to the TMO build
– added – VSAPP’s can now be install to /data
– added – MT3G users can now uninstall vsapps (no-more sys-vsapps)
– added – readded – iWnne_IME to vsapp’s – b/c it works still
– added – Resource downloader in expsetup is back !!! (option #14)
—– Loccy’s Better Browser 1.5 for Donut
—– CyTown’s v9 Modifed Phone MOD
—– rgv151’s MMS App MOD
—– 10MB Memory Patched Kernel Option (resets compcache to 64MB)
PLEASE NOTE: This option exists in expsetup (for 10MB kernel hack) but I have
not uploaded the resource.zip “yet”. Once the dust settles on v2.0.1, I will upload
and update the thread that I’ve done so.

– added – option (#15) in expsetup to easily remove built-in apps (for the Stock lovers)
– reverted – Browser to stock Donut Browser (you can grab Loccy’s from res downloader)
– fixed – long boot time for non-apps2sd users
— FirstBoot still takes a bit (be patient) … but after that … the boot FLYS!!!!
– fixed – Random lag … and Contacts launch 6-10 second freeze
– fixed – FC due to lack of default ringtone
– fixed – you now MUST disable compcache to run pure linux-swap (impossible to run both )
– fixed – FC issue in VoiceSearch
– fixed/tweaked – AdvancedLauncher, optimized and remove unused images
– fixed/tweaked – Entire TMO apk base, re-optimized/compressed for theme space
– updated – wireless_tether_1.6_pre3 (compat w/Donut)
– removed – option 100 for myTouch users, vsapps now install to data
PLEASE NOTE: If you used a theme previously … please upgrade to a (v2) theme … post #7 ..!

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.