Enomther “TheOfficial” Series Updated to version 2.5.1

Enomther has released another update to his TheOfficial series for the T-Mobile G1/Dream and  T-Mobile MyTouch3G/Magic.  The expansion packs have been enhanced and are now at version v2.5.1.     This does NOT include the TheOfficial Rogers ROM.

Changelog v2.5.1 – 1/20/2010
– updated – cytown’s Phone MOD, updated to V.22.3
– replaced – Geesun’s Contacts MOD w/ Wysie’s 2.8 Dialer/Contacts MOD
— fixes the letter scrolling bug while in contacts and contains a much nicer feature-set
– replaced – Superuser.apk w/ ChainsDD’s MOD
— fixes the Superuser blank/black screen when USB debugging is disabled
— meaning you can now disable USB debugging and use ‘su’
– fixed – really fixed the default stericson lockscreen look (top and botton graphics)
— also scrutinizing and fixing all themes w/ Stericon’s lockscreen graphics)
– fixed – a bunch of theme issues, including some discolorations and Dialer/Contacts MOD issues
– updating all themes to their current published versions …
— CommunityHERO -> v3.4
— DarkStar -> v0.6.9
— Enoch -> v1.
— minus ->
— buuf -> 1.2? (1/14/2010)
— marks -> 4.2.13A
— gChrome -> 4.2.13 (pershoot maintained, TY)
— ubuntu -> V6OR2
(still working on blur, plastic, darkdream, and eclair/and2.0)

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.