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  • 7 December, 2009

Enomther TheOfficial Series v2.3.3

Enomther has released another update to his TheOfficial series.  The expansion packs have been improved once again taking them to version v2.3.3

This does NOT include the TheOfficial Rogers ROM.

Changelog v2.3.3 – 12/6/2009
– fixed – opengl bug in the kernel code (caused lag in 3D games)
– fixed – adb bug in the kernel code (caused some annoyance in adb connectivity while interacting with WiredTether)
– fixed – compression on themes (especially the TMO builds, reuploading all themes … again)
PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT flash the new expansion pack and theme in a single-shot in recovery. Instead flash the expansion pack, boot up fully and then reboot into recovery and flash the theme seperately. This will avoid many issues.

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.