Enomther’s G1 TheOfficial’s Get Updated to Version 2.6.1

Enomther has released another update to his TheOfficial Series taking them to Version 2.6.1.  All except the TheOfficial Roger’s release.  One major update to note is the inclusion of GUSTO.  Gusto is the replacement GUI application for the ExpSetup terminal command.  Most of the option’s have been moved from ExpSetup to GUSTO with the exception of some of VSAPP add-ons.

Changelog v2.6.1 – 3/1/2010
– added – GUSTO App (GUI Used to Setup TheOfficial) which replaces many expsetup functions
— HUGE THANKS to olearyp for this contribution!!!
— cleaned-up – expsetup accordingly ( only 5 options remain! )
— still need to use expsetup to obtain resources/vsapps and to remove apps
– added – QuickCommands to GUSTO for easy rebooting and /system partition mounting
– added – FLAC Audio Support in AOSP build (thanks to Kenny Root / Cyanogen)
– added – EBI1 support for AOSP and ADP builds
— please note that the “base ROM’s” are still EBI0, so you must apply the EBI1 expansion pack
————— immediately after applying the base ROM if you’re an EBI1 user.
-(Also NOTE: 10MB kernel MOD’s have not been posted yet for EBI1, will update thread when done)
– added – clean reboot services to cleanly dismount partitions prior to reboot
– updated AOSP build to 1.6_r2 (DRD36)
— NOTE!: This means AOSP users must also apply the latest “base ROM” as well, not just exppack!
— This also adds even more language support!
– updated xbin binaries to 1.6_r2
– updated lucid script to 1.61.21
– updated the build.prop for sapphire/mt3g users to stop OTA update notifications
– moved most of xbin off to the expansion pack for ADP and AOSP users (for space)
– relinked ls, df, rm and mount to busybox (for certain apps to behave properly and ease of use)
– reverted su/Superuser.apk on the TMO builds (b/c of problems cited)
– cleaned-up several facets of the expansion pack installation
– cleaned-up firstboot2 script
– removed – Brut.all’s download option in expsetup, get it manually via his thread now
– removed – ringtones from the expansion pack, manually install these, see resources section
— This was to avoid any FAT32 sdcard corruption occuring in recovery (and it’s just cleaner)
– removed – Stericson Lockscreen from AOSP build as default
— This is now optional, you obtain by flashing either a theme or themetemplate w/ the Lockscreen
– ALL Themes redone (again) … so make sure to grab the updated theme

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.