Enomther’s TheOfficial Nexus1 ROM – v1.5 w/OTA + Radio Update

Enomther has released an update to his Nexus One ROM for the Google Nexus One phone.  This release includes the OTA updates released by Google with the new Radio.

2/3/2010 – v1.5 – Stable/FullROM
– updated to the latest Google OTA Update ERE27!
– removed Cyanogen’s MultiTouch stuff … as ERE27 now has MultiTouch Browser, Maps and Gallery!
– Google Goggles is in there now … GoogleMaps 3.4 w/ the night stuff
– Everything has been de-odex’d again … ThemeTemplates will post soon!
– Resigned everything with testkeys.
– more to come later, just wanted to get the ota update out there
— please note: no themes have been tested with 1.5 yet, so be patient there.
— ALSO, there is a radio update … but I will never include such updates in my ROM’s, so there’s a separate for that in Downloads section.

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.