Enomther’s TheOfficial Nexus1 ROM v1.6.1 Available

First, Appologies to Enomther.  I missed this release due to all the distractions with the site and server updates.  Sorry dude!

Enomther has released an update to TheOfficial Nexus1 ROM.  Version 1.6.1 has been released for a few days now and is rock solid as far as I can see.  The new ROM has plenty of updates to keep you happy till the next release is available.  It features a much enhanced SpareParts application that lets you do all kinds of cool things with your Nexus One and is entirely based off the AOSP 2.1r2-base (ERE27).

If you haven’t installed this update yet, your missing out.  Check out the features in the changelog below:

2/14/2010 – v1.6.1 – STABLE – “Happy Valentine’s Day”
– Updated kernel, removed all debugging (for speed)
— supports the “tun” module along with the previously supported ones.
– linked up system/modules so that modprobe will function properly
– Converted to an AOSP 2.1r2-base (ERE27) entirely
— This primary yields as many locales as possible in TheOfficial (so more language support!)
– gapps and prop-binaries still based off the OTA-ERE27 update
— So yea, sry, but not pludging into ERE36B-leak atm.
– re-added  isPhoneOn? – Should be if you’re checking!!!
– updated the APN list, now it’s the massive one from CyanogenMOD
– updated most binaries from the AOSP-2.1r2
– added Development app (includes a “hidden” terminal with “a few issues”)
– added modded – SpareParts app – This serves as the primary interface to control TheOfficial ROM
(SpareParts options in a nutshell)
— Control which Modded Apps are used
— View and Control Storage Data Options
—- View FileSystem Sizes (Free/Used)
—- Implement Apps2SD
—- Implement Dalvik-cache2SD
—- Implement Dalvik-cache to /cache partition
— Control the PID Prioritzer on Launcher2
— Control startup execution
— Control OTA Update Notifications
— Various Quick Commands
—- Reboot normally or into recovery or bootloader
—- Mount /system read/write or readonly
—- (more to come, only need to dream them, suggestions welcome)
– added “optional” modded apps
— CyTown’s Phone MOD
— Wysie’s WyContacts MOD (w/out the scrolling letter bug!)
— An internationalized keyboard (that lacks VoiceSearch), but supports more international characters when typing!
— (more to come here too, eventually)
– updated the wired tether package (but not the wifi tether just yet, continue to ignore it’s “update prompt”)
– If you’ve already *manually* implemented apps2sd and/or dalvik-cache2SD, SpareParts will be unaware of this!
simply check the appropriate checkboxes for your setup and it will be sync’d up fine. No worries there.
– The “End button behavior” option in SpareParts is broken, so just don’t tamper with it. I’m going to look into it when possible.
– Themers do note the changes in the ThemeTemplates (particularly the app_store folder in /system now, 3-duplicate apps)

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.