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  • 3 October, 2009

Enomther’s TheOfficial TMO DRC83 US

Enomther has released TheOfficial TMO DRC83 US v1.8.4.5

The TMO OTA CRC1 ROM US – is aimed at using TheOfficial T-Mobile binary release of CRC1-US, while allowing users to have the feature set, root users enjoy.

There are 2 options you can download for the TheOfficial TMO DRC83 – US ROM:

   1. The Base version without any of the Expansion Pack features.
   2. The Expansion Pack to install over the Base version.

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developers Homepage for more info and Downloads.

or you can Download directly here:
TheOfficial TMO OTA 1.6 DRC83 US – Rooted-Base
v1.8.4.5- Expansion-Pack

Enomther also recently released the HTC ADP DRC83 and you download that here:
TheOfficial HTC ADP 1.6 DRC83 – Rooted-Base

All we need now is the T-Mobile 1.6 EU release and the Roger’s 1.6 release.  Let us know if you see any news on any of these.